A sandwich bag ended Sergey Sirotkin’s debut

Sirotkin was forced to retire on lap four after a sandwich bag lodged itself in the William’s break duct.

The Williams rookie pulled off the circuit on after complaining about an issue with his brakes. After the race, he revealed the cause — a wayward plastic bag which had blown onto the Albert Park and found it’s way into the hard charging William’s.

“You would not believe how clever it was what happened,” Sirotkin told the media after the race. “There was a plastic sandwich bag that went into the rear-right brake duct, which was lap three or lap four I suppose.

“That caused massive overheating which caused massive temperature spikes and it destroyed all the brakes. At some point I lost the pedal completely, lucky no wall or nothing there so the car is still in one piece but I lost the car straight [on].”

The poor rookie didn’t even manage to get a sandwich from it for his troubles.

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